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Name: Eddard (Ned) Stark
Canon: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Scrubs Color: White
Visible Age: 40s
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Physique: Fit, solid; not too lean or stocky, but shows age-appropriate wear.
Complexion: Fair/light-medium; weathered face.
Hygiene: Not particularly great - will bathe perhaps once a week or once every other week, depending on availability of facilities.
Hair: Dark Blond/Light Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Defining Marks: Many, many scars all over his body from battles and war. His chest is covered, from sternum to abdomen.
Accent/Speech: Typical for Winterfell/the North (would sound like one typical of Birmingham, England in this world).
Bearing/Demeanor: Ned wasn't ever meant to lead - he'd been the younger brother of Brandon, their father Rickard's heir. He was second-in-line to be Lord Paramount of the North and Lord of Winterfell. However, when Brandon and Rickard were both executed by the Mad King (Aerys Targaryen), he'd been forced into the roles as next eldest. Because it was his duty and oblgiation to pick up the mantle left behind by both his father and brother, he did so wholeheartedly and to the best of his ability.

As a leader, man, and father, he is extremely dedicated, devoted, and patient. He is led by a rigid moral compass (inherited by his son, Robb), and although it's a very admirable trait, it often blinds him to other people's ill and/or malicious intentions. His trusting nature - believing in and seeing the good in others even if a mask - has been devastating on numerous occasions, particularly the trusting of Cersei Lannister's "better judgment," who ends up being a major factor in his eventual execution. However, because of his willingness to trust in others, it often leads them to trust him in return - including those he leads and rules over as Lord of Winterfell. In that regard, it ensured a very peaceful stead with happy workers.

He believes in a sense of strong personal responsibility and obligation (he explicitly tells his son, Bran, for example, that the man who passes the sentence (of execution) should swing the sword). He's quiet and stoic, not one to speak simply to break the silence. When he chooses to speak, there's a purpose - it might be a silly one, or a light-hearted one, but the purpose is still there. Despite the more serious exterior, he's quite soft and loving underneath, particularly with his family and children.

Perhaps due to his own tragic history (his younger sister died in his arms on the battlefield, losing both elder brother and father at the hands of someone else), it motivates him to be the sort of father he wished he'd had or the type of father he feels he should be: warm, loving, kind, forgiving, stern when needed (though always with a lesson to be learned, never cruel or mean simply for the sake of it), wise, encouraging, and supportive. He has developed unique and personal relationships with all of his children, as seen in his arrangement of hiring an instructor in order to allow Arya to learn how to use the sword Jon had given her (despite protests she learn how to "be a lady") and treating his "illegitimate child" Jon with the same care and respect as the full-blooded Starks (even going so far as to risk his reputation (claiming to have had an affair that birthed Jon, which proves to be false) to protect the boy).

His experience with war and the battlefield has made him slower to draw a sword as an answer or a response. He's seen the brutalities of it, seen the results in the eyes of the dead soldiers - and believes that there are better, more peaceful ways to meet goals and agreements. He knows that war ends with sending dead children home to their families and parents. However, he is skilled in combat, both in strategy and in a duel, and he will draw upon these abilities if absolutely forced to (though he'd really rather not).
Gait: Steady, there's a barely detectable limp as a result of a war injury to his leg.
Habits: He pinches the bridge of his nose often, as well as massages his temples - particularly when stressed or feeling overwhelmed. He prefers to breathe through a slightly open mouth rather than his nose, which sometimes gives him the appearance of looking vaguely surprised whenever he does it.
Skills: - A sense of leadership: he's served as Lord of Winterfell as well as Hand of the King for the vast majority of his life. It's also shown that he's held significant military positions while younger. Tied into this is a sense of justice, fairness, equality, and responsibility - he won't think himself any higher than another villager, but will generally hold people to higher standards than they themselves might have.
- Weaponry/combat knowledge: He's served in the army and has shown to be exceptionally skilled with sword-fighting. As stated previously, he prefers this to be a last-ditch effort if all else fails, but the skills are there for him to fall back on if absolutely necessary. He would be willing to teach others how to protect themselves, but he would be hesitant to teach those he feels might use it for more malicious purposes.
- Diplomacy: First as Lord of Winterfell and then Hand of the King. He's generally skilled at keeping everyone happy, except if their intentions are nefarious, unclear, or ulterior. Because of his trusting nature and his outlook that people will be the best they can, his version of diplomacy sometimes backfires if he's dealing with someone less than honest. However, should a major conflict arise within the village or between villagers, he would more than likely step in to handle it in the most fair way to ensure everyone's satisfaction (if possible).
- Parenting: The man's helped to raise five children, with all of whom he tries his hardest to have personalized relationships. It doesn't always go well (for example, giving Sansa a doll when she hadn't played with them in many years), but his intention is there. Intrinsically tied to this is his virtue of patience, of which he has a lot - to an extent. He tends to be much more forgiving of and lenient towards children than he does adults, simply because he thinks adults should know better.


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